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Western Genomilitary Preparedness

Oct 19, 2023 | European Union, USA / NATO

Western Genomilitary

As the world steps further into the 21st century, the contours of warfare are rapidly evolving. Beyond the tangible landscape of guns, missiles, and drones lies a subtler and more ancient, yet profoundly influential battleground: the realm of ideas and the transmission of these ideas through memes. This form of combat, referred to as genetic warfare, weaponizes memetics, targeting the very psyche of societies. The West, known for its technological prowess, must recognize this persistent threat and develop its genomilitary capability to counteract its adversaries.

Understanding Gene War

At its core, weaponized memetics revolves around the propagation of ideas, beliefs, and behaviors through memes – units of cultural information that spread virally. In the context of genetic warfare, these memes are engineered to manipulate, destabilize, or even control enemy populations. They can also be engineered to moralize one’s own people and conserve state institutions. For a more in-depth look at the genetic and societal consequences of gene war, see Genosupremacy: Religious Competition Simulator.

The Threat Landscape

  1. Sexual Selection: Genes creates brains create memes which comprise culture. The greater the memetic footprint, the greater the female selection for the originator(s) of those memes – art, culture, religion are a mating call and serve as the promotion of a human type. Gene war promotes the propagation of one’s genes over those of competitors.
  2. Ubiquity of Social Media: In today’s digital age, ideas disseminate at unprecedented speeds. Social media platforms act as catalysts, enabling the rapid spread of memes across global populations.
  3. Subtle Manipulation: The insidious nature of memetic warfare lies in its ability to subtly shape perceptions, values, and behaviors without the target audience ever realizing they’re being manipulated.
  4. Challenges in Detection and Counteraction: Memetic warfare operates beneath the surface, making it difficult to identify, trace, and counteract. By the time its effects become palpable, significant damage may already be done.

The Western Imperative

Given the potential impacts of weaponized memetics, it’s crucial for the West to develop its genomilitary capability. However, it lacks the know-how to do so, as it is a completely new scientific field. NISI calls on the Nobility International Science Foundation to collaborate with the originator and vanguard of this field, the Research Institute of Genopolemology, to develop genomilitary solutions for the security interests of the West.

The reality of genetic warfare demands our constant vigilance and adaptability, as it presents challenges seen even in a traditional combat scenario, in the form of military technology, strategy, and more. The West’s commitment to democracy, open dialogue, and shared values makes it both uniquely vulnerable and robust in the face of such threats. By recognizing the challenges and taking proactive measures, the West can safeguard its societal fabric against the onslaught of genetic warfare.